A lifelong fascination for costume jewellery, combined with the ability to view ordinary objects
found while fossicking as extraordinary, has resulted in this range of jewellery.

Such things as the sheer simplistic beauty of a river polished pebble, the mesmerising sight of
an iron sand beach in the sunlight, or the perplexingly intricate design of a seashell, demand my utmost admiration and respect. They provide an inexhaustable source of inspiration for my

To have eyes that witness, and make me aware of all this creation, is my greatest fortune. The
gift to process all this beauty into my design work give me my sense of fulfillment.

I would describe my style as contemporary, ethnic and occasionally glamorous. Gemstones,
shell and pearls feature strongly in my work. Alongside are more unusual materials such as kina, coconut, pebbles and feathers.

My objective is simply to make beautiful accessories that satisfy peoples visual senses, and to wear as a reminder to cherish the beauty in ordinary things.